Yuzen Paper Items

Appealing and gorgeous Japanese small articles

Hand-Dyed Yuzen paper is a decorative paper that is screen-printed with multiple colors. Based on motifs of natural beauty from traditional Japanese patterns used in kimono designs, it features bold and delicate arrangements of classical patterns with a modern touch. Many of these bright, rich colors and traditional patterns signify good fortune. This paper can be used for various purposes, such as origami, ornamental boxes, wrapping or decorating walls. Yuzen paper is made of Echizen washi produced in Echizen City (Fukui Prefecture, Japan). Washi from this area is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan, and has an established reputation for its high quality. Yuzen paper is hand dyed color by color, creating a certain amount of blurring in the patterns and tones. Thanks to this it has a tasteful and unique texture that is a characteristic of hand-dyed products.

Types of Yuzen Paper Items

  • Yuzen Paper Foldable Hexagonal Box
    for Small Items
    This beautiful Yuzen patterned container is easy to assemble and is great for a pen stand.
  • Yuzen Paper Cylinder
    (Includes Five Toothpicks)
    Easy to carry around. Includes five toothpicks. Wrapped in Yuzen paper with a traditional good luck pattern. A convenient item made with care. Also can be used to store other small items such as hair pins.
  • Yuzen Paper
    Japanese-bound Notebook
    For this traditional Japanese style of book binding, each stitch is done by hand. While the cover of this notebook features Yuzen paper, the pages inside are plain and can be used as one likes. Pages can be removed along their perforations. This Japanese-bound notebook is a great way to easily enjoy Japan’s traditional beauty.
  • Yuzen Paper Box
    for Postcards
    A paper telescope type box made with gorgeous Yuzen paper. Just the right size for various small items. Also can be used as a gift box to spice up your presents.

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