Folding Hanging Scrolls

Useful for both storing and decorating

These folding hanging scrolls are made out of paper and can be used to decorate walls with calligraphy or painting artworks. When not in use they can be conveniently folded up. Very handy for both appreciating and protecting artworks. This folding hanging scroll can be used for artworks with a size of 364 x 61 mm (namihaba tanzaku) or 364 x 76 mm (hirohaba tanzaku). A transparent A-PET sheet is included to protect work from dirt and scratches while on display. It does not emit harmful gases when burned.

Types of Folding Hanging Scrolls

  • Folding Hanging Scrolls
    Frequently used for packaging works and displaying them at an exhibition. Five types are available: Large Shikishi Paperboard, Shikishi Paperboard (Sunshoan-size), Tanzaku Strip-type Paperboard, Postcard (Portrait, Landscape)

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