Folding Fans

Stay cool while being eco-friendly with Japanese style

Japanese folding fans create a breeze for cooling down. Thin and long strips made of bamboo are riveted together at the end and covered with paper or cloth.

The fan is opened and closed by sliding it left and right. It is compact when closed, making it easy to carry. When there is harsh sunlight it can also be used for shade. Try adding a little perfume for a scented fan. The shape of an open fan is known as “suehirogari” in Japan, which means that it widens towards the end. This symbolizes development, prosperity and good fortune.

Types of Folding Fans

  • Folding fans with famous Japanese paintings
    We’ve created fans out of the works of the prolific Japanese-style painting masters Maruyama Okyo, Tawaraya Sotatsu, and Katsushika Hokusai. Decorate your room in style by displaying the fan on a dedicated stand.
  • Folding Fan - Yuzen Paper
    Folding fans made with Yuzen paper using traditional design patterns of Japan. Great for keeping cool or for use as a cool interior decoration.
  • Folding Fan - Lacquer Paper
    Folding fans with lacquer paper made by skilled craftspeople. Cashew paint is used for lacquering, so there is no risk of skin irritation.
  • Fan stand
    You can use it to display an open folding fan. Made from acrylic.
  • Fan display
    Simple collapsible display made from paper that can show three folding fans. Hang the display on the wall to save space.

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