Kyo-koromo Papers

Decorative washi with kimono patterns

“Kyo” means Kyoto while “Koromo” means clothing, especially kimono. This decorative paper uses kimono patterns as a motif, with beautiful traditional shapes arranged in a modern style. Golden paint serves as an elegant accent. This paper can be used for various purposes, such as ornamental boxes, wrapping or decorating walls.

Kyo-koromo is made of Echizen washi produced in Echizen City (Fukui Prefecture, Japan). Washi from this area is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan, and has an established reputation for its high quality.

List of Kyo-koromo Paper Products

  • Kyo-koromo Paper (Gold Colored)
    Size: 480 x 650 mm (pattern area: 462 x 632 mm, with white border)

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